Episode One–The Letters

When Bethany Lark comes into possession of an old chest filled with strange, black envelopes, she doesn’t burn them like she’s told. She reads them.


Episode Two–Reasonably Dead

The letters Bethany has inherited mention a man named Bedford, a man who she thinks to be dead. While trying to find a relative of this mysterious Bedford or any traces of him, she finds something even more curious. A man who claims he is the reasonably dead Bedford.


Episode Three–End of the Hall

Bedford introduces Bethany to his old friend Shnicalikoon


Episode Four–Dust Bunnies

Back in time, Bethany makes her way to the only familiar place–her great grandmother’s house.


Episode Five–Bagels and Plans

Bethany, jarred from her experience in the past, approaches Bedford about whether or not there even is a plan.


Episode Six–The Interview

Back in the past once again, Bethany travels to the Everest Society to take a job interview.


Episode Seven–Pancakes

Denver shares his pancake recipe with Sylvia.


Bonus Episode–Two Kazoos Bickering



Episode Eight–Lunch Break

Bethany realizes that stealing MacBeth’s time machine might be harder than she originally thought.


Episode Nine–The Machine

The story of how the time machine came to be…


Episode Ten–Rocks

Bethany meets up with an old friend…


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8/15/16: A  bonus episode, “Two Kazoos Bickering,” was released today! Check it out!

8/10/16: Episode Six, “Pancakes,” came out today! You can listen to it on the Episode page of our website or on YouTube. Unfortunately, due to some issues, this episode is currently not available on SoundCloud. But! In better news, a bonus episode will be coming out on the 15th! Tune in then for some more top notch content.

7/25/16: Episode Six, “The Interview,” is out at last! This is a great episode, and although it’s a little longer than the ones we’ve seen so far it’s only because its jam packed full of awesome things we couldn’t bare to take out. You’ll meet new characters! Hear from the old! Go to the heart of this podcast itself–The Everest Society. We hope you enjoy it. Go check it out on the Episodes page or on our YouTube or SoundCloud as soon as you get the chance!

7/10/16: The newest episode of The Everest Letters, “Bagels and Plans,” came out today! Go check it out on the Episodes page or on our YouTube or SoundCloud! It features some of your favorite characters, such as Bethany, Shnicalikoon, and Bedford, as well as, well… bagels and plans!

6/25/16: A new episode of the Everest Letters, “Dust Bunnies,” is out today! Go check it out on the Episodes page or on our YouTube or SoundCloud! This is one of the best episodes yet.

6/11/16: Hello everyone! We realize it’s been hard for some of you to remember when the newest episodes of the Everest Letters have been coming out (and we can hardly blame you) so here’s a newsletter that will send you an email update every time a new episode comes out!

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6/10/16: The third episode, End of the Hall, is out! Listen to it on the Episode page of the website, or on our YouTube or Soundcloud (which are both linked from that page).


5/25/16: The second episode of The Everest Letters is out! Listen to it on the Episode page of the website, or our YouTube or Soundcloud!


5/20/16: The next episode is coming out sooner than later! Prepare for Episode Two, coming out on next Wednesday the 25th. Things are about to get rather exciting.


5/10/16: The day is finally here!! The first episode of The Everest Letters has finally arrived! You can watch the episode on the episode tab of the website, or you can follow the links from that page to our YouTube and Soundcloud, where the episodes are also available. Thank you everyone for being excited for the first episode! I hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it! Come back on the 25th for episode two! Now sit back, relax, and listen to episode one – The Letters.

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5/9/16: The first episode of The Everest Letters comes out tomorrow! Get ready!


5/1/16: It’s been confirmed that the first episode is coming out on May the 10th! Get excited for that! Aren’t sure if you’re ready to get excited yet? Here’s a trailer for The Everest Letters to get you in the mood:

Did you know that there’s a tumblr blog for The Everest Letters where you can keep up-t0-date with what’s going on behind the scenes for The Everest Letters? Well, there is! Check it out: http://everestletters.tumblr.com/


4/24/16: Hi everyone! We’d just like to let you all know that we’ve started recording the first episode of the podcast! We’re not entirely sure when the release date for the first episode will be, but we estimate it will be sometime around May 10, 2016. We’ve also created a tumblr blog for the Everest Letters–now you can follow all of the insanity of the Everest Letters on social media! You can visit it here.



The Everest Letters is a podcast. It follows the story of Bethany Lark as she finds out mysterious secrets about her family’s past. It updates on the 10th and 25th day of every month. Want to get reminders every time there’s a new episode? Subscribe to the email list below to get an email every time a new episode comes out!

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The Crew Behind The Everest Letters

Laura Archibald (writer and producer, voice of MacBeth): Laura Archibald knows a bit about words. Co-creator of Everest, and co-creator of many other forgotten stories. The story of Laura Archibald started long ago under a very different pseudonym that hides a terrible secret. Will we ever know her true nature? Will we ever understand? “Probably not. But that’s just the way life is” were her exact and only words to reporters.

Maddie Theobald (writer and producer, voice of Iris): Maddie is the other half of the writers behind the Everest Letters. She spends too much time writing stories and then involving other people in those stories. If you have any idea where her sanity went, please notify her. She’d like to know. Or, you know, don’t. Whichever works.

James Rutherford (voice of D): James Rutherford was once a very wealthy child with a loving home. His parents were shot and killed in front of his eyes by petty thieves. This horrible injustice led him to take on a bat persona and fight off crime. He became know as…. the batman.

Ellie Bodeli (voice of Bethany): Ellie Bodeli is the coolest of all the Everest cast. She likes watermelon.

Paige Vizio (voice of Sylvia’s lawyer): Paige loves to be on stage and perform. She loves the color robin’s-egg blue and lilac purple. Paige loves bacon in any way shape or form.

M. Ham (voice of Bedford): M. Ham is a delcious ham sandwich you can buy now for only $2.50! Order now or visit your local grocers for great deals.

Rory Laine (voice of Shnicalikoon): Rory Laine is a queer child who really likes poetry, screeching into the sunset with horses, and stealing those wishes you made on dandelions.

Anna Iovita (voice of Sylvia): Anna comes from a long line of ancestors from Ancient Greece. She totally has, like, mystical god powers that come from one of her ancestors at some point. She’s really cool and is the best cuddle buddy.

Emilia Woodale (voice of Receptionist): Emilia is much cooler than you and she knows it. She’s very obsessed with the band Sleeping with Sirens and loves photography.

Tommy Dorsey (musical talent): Tommy Dorsey is a hero in every sense of the word. When encountered with the problem of having to find music for our podcast, Tommy Dorsey was right there. And we’re so happy he was. We love you, Tommy Dorsey! Heart!

Theo Windslow (artwork): Theo Windslow created all of the artwork for the Everest Letters website (which, to be fair, isn’t a lot of art). When Theo isn’t drawing little icons for the Everest Letters, they draw a webcomic, Magician and Rabbit.



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